Alternative Photography Show


Sept. 6 – Oct 4, 2014, Reception Sat Sept 13 (6-9 pm). There will be a Gallery Talk and Demonstration on September 20th (1-4 pm).

This show, at ARTWORKS, in Trenton NJ, presents work done in a variety of alternative and historic photographic processes. These processes relate closely to printmaking, as many of them use light sensitive emulsions on fine art paper. Although most of the images are photographic, these processes can also be used with a drawing or other artwork as a starting point, as in printmaking.

Sandra C Davis teaches these methods at Mercer County Community College, and other locations – Most of the work in the show is by Davis and other photographer/artists who have taken her classes. I teach printmaking at Mercer County Community College, and was fortunate to have the opportunity to take her class several years ago, along with Joseph Gilchrist and Beth Gross, who have been doing extensive work in these media.

I have several pieces in the show – one (Without the Cars) is a Cliche Verre print, using the Van Dyke Brown process. The first layer is a drawing (similar to doing a line drawing in hard-ground etching.) I then added an additional layer, using paper and tracing paper as a resist, to achieve a variety of values, similar to what one could achieve with aquatint.

I am also working on additional methods of using drawing as a basis for these prints.

In another piece, (At the Farm) I experimented with using color separation layers for a Gum Bichromate print, using methods taught by Davis. The nature of the work relates to using multiple plates with aquatint, in etching.

I also have 2 toned Cyanotypes in the show, By the Barn, and Mercer Doorway.

The images for Mercer Doorway and Without the Cars are from the location of the Fine Art building at Mercer County Community College, West Windsor, NJ. The farm pictures are based on photos taken at Honey Brook Organic Farm, in Pennington, NJ.

Although the 4 prints in the show are not for sale, because they are the original versions that I would base other prints on, I plan to do more printing from these and other images in the future.

The entire exhibit includes contemporary photographs made with a wide variety of photographic processes, including:

Cyanotypes, Daguerreotypes, Dry Plate Tintypes, Gum Bichromate Prints, Platinum/Palladium Prints, Salt Prints, Wet Plate Collodium Tintypes, and Vandyke Brown Prints.

Exhibiting Artists:

Sandra C. Davis, Joseph Gilchrist, Beth Gross, CJ Harker, John Monahan, Andy Schmitt, Nancy C. Zamboni


Exhibit Location:

Artworks | 19 Everett Alley | Trenton, NJ 08611 | Phone: 609-394-9436 |
Gallery Hours (during exhibits)- Wed – Friday 11-6,  Sat 11-4


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  1. Marilyn Hartt · · Reply

    Hi Nancy: Walter will call you. He is interested in coming to the exhibit. We were not available 12/13 but should get there before the exhibit is over. Thank you for sending this announcement. I enjoy professional photography very much. Marilyn

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